Monday, February 8, 2016

'Wonderful Crazy Night - Bonus Tracks' - Review

Bonus tracks...or as the marketing people call them tricks used to get us fans to buy multiple editions. Of which I did, of course. As is the case the Far East market seems to get a track or two extra. By the wonders of modern technology and old fashioned generosity I now have them both.


A real bright and breezy track here, the percussion is fluffy and feathery. Like something scrubbing. Piano led mostly, Kim's organ line has that hint of occasional accordion (which appears at times on the rest of the album, mixed low but more than detectable) creeping in. Bernie's imagery is very strong here, heartfelt without any hint of cliche.


Lyrically slightly darker at times than the rest of the album, the mood of the lyric changes at the same time as the uplift on the chorus to take us back to the main theme of the project. Melodically very diverse, Elton's piano is more to the fore here. The occasional solo breaks that Elton does with that slow, loose drumming style from Nigel again are a treat as they aren't a common sound on the rest of the album. Another sound here that doesn't appear too often, if at all, is the almost Mellotron synth sound from Kim, orchestral in demeanor. The heavy bass sound of it conjures up visions of cello banks. This song would have sounded amazing with a real full string section. What does sound amazing is the traditional harmony sound to close out the final chorus with Elton's piano and Davey's guitar trading places. The final fade out is slow and lingering as the entire journey through the night has closed up shop.

Certainly No Monsters should have been on the main album for certain, it's a real candidate for the classic list of songs that never got to the main stage. In the old days of singles they would have been more widely available in 'hard copy'. But as well know there are ways and means around that now (not that I'm condoning that behaviour!)



  1. Cheers Paul for these great reviews

  2. Paul, do you think EJ will make anymore albums...and if so, what direction do you think he might take.