Tuesday, October 15, 2013

'But They Can Rock 'n' Roll'


Contrary to popular belief lately, rock and roll ain't dead. The amps...especially the size 50 ones...are still plugged in. None more so here...as everyone knows that this blog is a huge fan of Davey's and all he's done over the years. Now he's teamed up with his multi-talented kids and created a showcase for everything in his (and theirs) repertoire. On drums and lead vocal is Tam who I had the pleasure of meeting many years ago when he played here with John Jorgenson. Energetic in both departments for sure.

Magic Johnstone...short for magnificent I would suspect...made their debut at the recent Elton EXPO in Las Vegas. Public debut that is because you can be sure they've done this before. Thank god for garages...even those near a motorway. Anyway, the opening part is Sixty from the 2012 Pnau (remember them?!) remix thingy. Young Charlie recreates the haunting sound beautifully as the rhythm section kicks in closely followed by Davey to add that edge I'm always on about here on the blog. As they all gradually lock in together the sudden stop of Charlie on piano playing the intro to 60 Years On is devastatingly good. The cold harsh chords are piercing, the rest of the band kick back in, Tam with drum fills that Nigel in his 17-11-70 guise would have been proud of. A pounding drum fill that heralds another rarity. What a treat this is...

...because something that hasn't been heard live since the summer of 1976 lights up the room. Grow Some Funk Of Your Own, with one of the most recognisable riffs off any Elton album from any era, means it's business time. Rock and roll baby...this has attitude and multiple killer punches. Jesse's relentless bass line just booms, Tam's vocal leaves no stone upturned in punching out the attitude. Just like his playing on the drums, the groove nailed down solid. The jam on the outro when Charlie cuts in with a slick solo, brings the crowd to it's feet. The whole thing though is lead expertly by Davey...why wouldn't it be. He did have a hand in creating the song so he knows its strengths. So no surprise all the trademark licks were present and correct, the bluesy lead into the chorus, the grinding riff that follows it. Terrific!!

As you can see from the clip, they are real tight, energetic and electric. And have a real knowledge and feel for the music. And went down a storm. The word on the street is that this is not the last we're gonna here of this combo. Hopefully in years to come we'll look back on this in a small way as being a '1962' moment, the year of the crooner when rock was dying and Dick Rowe thought he was right. And what will follow being more of a '1963' vibe. Because contrary to what some may say, it ain't accurate to 'throw away them records 'cause the blues is dead' just yet...

Check out Davey's website (links on the right hand side of this page) for more info. Smiling Face is getting a re-release soon...another great Davey moment...so keep an eye on his website (updated by Tam) and his own blog for any updates on that. I've a feeling it's gonna be a busy 2014 for this clan...

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