Thursday, February 6, 2014

'It's A Whiz Of A Whiz'

We should be grateful that they've at least recognised the fact the album has reached a milestone. Even it is a year late!! I'm not sure what benefit another remastering will bring to this. The dvd of the Bryan Forbes doc is definitely a must have. Hopefully they've remstered the picture and sound on it. The book looks great too, the artwork of the album both inside and out is pretty iconic. As iconic almost as the material on the disc. The covers disc...why?!?! Though in saying that, Imelda May from This Town of mine appears doing Your Sister Can't Twist. Anyone familiar with her will know that song is well suited to her style. If not, check her out.

The Hammersmith Odeon concert was probably picked due to the fact that it has the most songs performed from the album in one location during that tour. Hollywood Bowl might have been a better choice due to Elton not being as congested as he is at Hammersmith. Another odd thing about the Hammersmith show is how 'twangy' Davey's guitar is on that show. I'm sure the guitar people would know more about that. It'll be interesting to see if they tweak it like the did with the 60th birthday show. Otherwise it's a great snapshot of Elton at that moment. 

As far as I know there are no demo's for the album. Everything was written and then recorded pretty much in the same movement. Again out takes are seemingly non-existent, everything that was recorded in those sessions ended up being used in one form or another. Depending of course on how many takes they took to record each track, any variations would be minimal. So the vaults didn't really have much to throw out.

As a sidebar to all this Elton has brought back in I've Seen That Movie Too to the current setlist. Coupled with the songs he's already doing from the album it's possible he could maybe do as near to possible the whole thing sometime this year. He has already done Harmony, Roy Rogers, Sweet Painted Lady in recent years so adding Danny Bailey and Dirty Little Girl for example should be no problem. I've a feeling he could be on a gradual walk down the Yellow Brick Road to that rainbow...

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