Saturday, March 1, 2014

'Let Me Fly To Distant Lands'

One of those questions that regularly pops up is where would you like to see Elton perform, if could choose one location. Madison Square Garden springs to mind first. Sydney Entertainment Centre, the scene of my first Elton album, is another. But If I had to choose one place to see Elton and the band, it would be Brazil. He's just finished his second tour in a row there. On the tour last year we were lucky to be able to watch a live stream of the Sao Paolo show which was incredible. This year from indoors in Rio to outdoors in the big football stadiums that will be used in the World Cup in the summer he's rocked like a samba. I've been lucky to be able to follow fans on Facebook from that part of the world travel around the country to attend the shows. The fans are mental (in a good way!) down there and don't have any cynicism that you see elsewhere. They couldn't give a flying fig if all or nothing from an album is played. 

But if Elton didn't play this one they'd dismantle the place brick by brick!! Skyline Pigeon speaks for itself...quality...he's done the solo version many times over the last number of years but the band version really injects power and strength. I was lucky enough to see him perform the band version for the first time ever in Thomond Park in 2009. Since that tour it's only appeared in that form in Brazil. The song is special enough down there as it is, but Elton saving it for them makes it a little bit more for keeps. This time Davey is playing acoustic guitar on it rather than the electric double neck he used up to this.

A few other comments about the Brazil tour. Elton changed the setlist around every night, Daniel (band version) appearing for the first time in a while and Nikita ventured out of Europe. It seems Elton is mixing it up a bit more than usual and bringing a surprise element to the set. It’s a pity I’ve Seen That Movie Too only lasted a few shows in Canada, but if Elton doesn’t feel it back from the audience he gets disheartened very quickly. Same thing goes for albums of a more recent nature, shall we say. No danger of him waiting for the day in Brazil when he doesn’t get it back…

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