Saturday, June 28, 2014

'All Is Not Quiet On The World Cup Front'

Elton with the home shirt of Atlético Mineiro in 2013 at  Mineirão

Alcides Ghiggia, Frank Sinatra and Pope John Paul II. What have they all in common? All three have silenced the Maracana. A tough thing to do when Brazilians are at full pelt at the spiritual home of football in South America. At the moment in the World Cup, the Brazilian fans are hovering over the line between despair and joy. Tonight they stared over the abyss from the position of paradise. This evenings match was low in quality but high in tension. 

If people think I'm opinionated about Elton matters, then they ain't heard or read anything yet. My opinions on football makes my Elton outlook very bland. Bland being a golden sin in my book. At the moment the World Cup is gripping my attention. I remember the 1978 edition in Argentina vaguely, Espana '82 being the first true experience of the beautiful game in a beautiful place. The Brazil team of that tournament being the best never to win the World Cup. Because the 2014 team ain't gonna lift little Jules. 

Elton did some incredible tours over the last two years on the southern continent of the America's. Any show down there is a must see. Following them is always a pleasure, the locations are as exotic as the fans are passionate. If anyone has been watching the tournament will have noticed some familiar locations. Mineirão, Fortaleza and Salvador being the notable ones. Fantastic stadiums with great atmospheres. There's been some great matches played there so far in the tournament, some of the best of the tournament in fact. Not for the first time though they've played host to big names showing off their talents. Elton played the former in 2013, the other two in 2014. Massive attendances. The huge roar at the end of the penalty shoot out during the Brazil v Chile match was incredible. As huge no doubt when Elton would have walked out. The silence when Neymar stepped up to take his penalty as hushed as when Elton played Skyline Pigeon. 

The three people I mentioned at the start may have silenced a nation for different reasons. It's part and parcel of what they do. Or did I suppose. The ability to stir up emotions and control them. The World Cup has been great so far. And will be till the end. If you're watching over the next couple of weeks, watch the games at those stadiums and sit back in the knowledge that Elton was supported and idolised like the players from Brazil. Well, almost as much!!

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