Tuesday, August 20, 2013

'And I Am Home Again'

The video for the new 'single' Home Again is out this week. Unfortunately...or fortunately when it got it's first play Monday 24th June, I was still in the after glow of the previous night's rock out. Since then I've listened to it a few times...both the the extended album cut and single version. What I think of it is based on the album version...Elton's vocal and piano are excellent. As per usual. Considering the producer that's involved I'm surprised he didn't mess that part up. However the brass is sort of hanging in and out, swirling to and fro like the waves on the outro is probably a deliberate ploy on the producers part. Though doesn't really add anything. The song sounds better when it's just Elton and voice...the lyric by Bernie is another of his everyman tales. Everyone can identify with it. The strongest part of the melody is the chorus, first listen I was in. The bridge is stunning, it has great potential for development in the live setting. When the band get their hands on this one, then we'll see work realised, rather than work in progress as the whole album may turn out to be. The song sounds as if it'll fit better into the context of the running order of the album, picking it out and snipping bits out of it doesn't do it justice. The album cut is THE cut. 

The album we were promised was supposed to be a throwback to the early raw days of the 3 piece. So as a promo single, they went for the complete opposite. Joe Public may get a little confused with that wrong turn. Assuming we of course know otherwise...as regards it being the best pre release single of recent times, that ropey old test of comparing songs wouldn't be fair on Home Again. Better than I Want Love. Answer In The Sky. The Bridge. Don't think so...it's inoffensive, hardly the worst thing ever. But not in the same league as those mentioned previously. Not yet anyway. It's way better though than some of the stuff on The Union, which wouldn't be too difficult. I still have a problem with the production though. It's too soft, too neutral, too understated to have any impact. The brave step would have been to just have Elton's voice and piano. That would have been progress...and would have paid off in the long run. The buzz alone about that concept would have been a self full filling publicity. The comparison between Elton in the live setting with his edginess, toughness and general excitement is in complete contrast with the recording world that he now occupies. I haven't heard the album...maybe those here who had that luxury can enlighten me...where are the uptempo rockers gone from Elton's armoury?! I know the producers dabs are all over this one, he's got Elton's ear that's for sure. This song is fine it's own right, but another half dozen or so in a similar vein on the album and the stretch may break. If it's not already bending. Overall the song is decent enough, it won't pull up any trees in the general scheme of things, I'm waiting to hear the album to find those elements. I still think Elton has a rollicking album in him...with plenty of rolls from Nigel and licks from Davey. See what I did there?! But we'll take this one as it's next in line...the next time I'll comment on this track or the album is when I have it my hands!!

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