Monday, August 26, 2013

'Gnone, But Not Forgnotten'

As much as I love the 'solo' version, I still think they should have released this version as a single. A proper hard copy single, none of this download nonsense. I know a lot of people didn't like it when it came out, a bit too low carb for the more picky taste bud. But Elton could, and still can by this example, rattle these things off at a fair old rate. By tapping into her fan base it would have got some important attention for the film but even more important drawn some new people into the Elton world. You can't tell me this wouldn't have got any attention, if Gaga exhales out of rhythm then Twitter has a meltdown. It would have been a hit, no doubt. Her name on it would have made that a certainty. Another missed opportunity I'm afraid.

It's a classic Elton type single, a throwback to the Croc Rocks and DGBMH's of olden days. Great chorus that would sound great on the radio. Plus the band play on it with the added bonus of a James Newton Howard plenty of ticked boxes for me. For all the hype that surrounds Lady GawGaw...possibly a distant relative of Lord Haw Haw...she's not that great of a singer. Her voice is very nasally and harsh, doesn't seem to have any sweetness in it. But I don't think that's her selling point...

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