Thursday, August 22, 2013

'Forward Moving Landcrab'

The new video for the song...the second one in a bit like the song. Unremarkable. It obviously reflects the theme of the song, the regression of the main character from middle age to childhood and the desire to return to home. The video looks as if a few quid was spent on it with the end bit, the highlight of it for me was the 1968 Wolesley 18/85. They could have it given it more screen time fact it could have been the main character of the clip. It's return to Longbridge may have been more poignant...that's the first time I've heard the song since the time of it's release. The album cut is better, though it sounds as if neutral is still engaged. And that the song is missing that little something...3 weeks tomorrow the album comes out here, on disc of course. It's a crying shame we don't get cd singles anymore, if you think about it the gap between the release of this video and the 'single' is just over 8 weeks. The singles and video departments must have had crossed wires that day. I don't know where the video will be shown either, collectors like myself would like to have it on a hard format. The enhanced cd single would have been the ideal place to store it, joined up thinking isn't being practised on this one. Again. 

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