Saturday, August 24, 2013

'Duets For Two'

Today we look back on some of the better quality collab's from the last few years...

Alone Again Naturally Pet Shop Boys & Elton

The original from the Waterford lad was knee deep in nostalgia and this version maintains that vibe. The resonating sound of the electric piano in the background and the smooth vocals just flow along. An understated production that allows the incredible lyrics to be digested.

Rock This House BB King & Elton

Probably my favourite collaboration from the last 10 years or so, it's pure r n' r without any pretentions. Piano and guitar up front with a clear sound. Elton's and BB's vocals are a joy to hear sparring off each other. The EJ band are as tight as usual with a production style that isn't cloudy or lifeless. If Elton makes one more album after the next one, then this is the sort of thing he should do...EJ/BT originals with the band tapping into this groove.

How Could We Still Be Dancin' Brian Wilson & Elton 

Nobody else on Earth could have made this song...Brian Wilson's paw prints on this would not even be alien to an alien. It's sounds like 1966 in 21st Century form...Elton's piano solo bounces off the rhythm section. Uptempo with a jaunt. Elton's lines could be about him in a nutshell...

Where to Now St Peter? Ann Wilson & Elton

Without doubt Ann Wilson has one of the greatest voices in music. Coupled with one of EJ/BT's greatest songs then the result would never be in doubt. Her phrasing and feel of the song could only come from a fan, the introduction of a new melody line sounds like it was always there. The hard edge production harps back to the stunning 1982 Jump Up! tour live version, full of power and intensity whilst retaining the slickness of the mid tempo. Talk about about putting class into classic...

2 Man Show Timbaland ft Elton

Not a fan of hip hop and it's associated genre. If you have to talk a song, then it isn't worth singing. Except when it's Elton's piano that does the talking...The reason I singled this one out is it features incredible piano from Elton, a concerto that the plastic production can't ruin, hide or detract from. If there was ever a point on disc that Elton's piano actually spoke to us with attitude and nonchalance, then this track would be one such occasion

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