Tuesday, August 20, 2013

'Beyond The Yellow Brick Road'

Lots of peoples goats have been got on over the delayed announcement of the GYBR 40th anniversary reissue. Not sure how much remastering it can take, any more touching up of the tapes and they might be wiped clean. This is my idea of what it should involve...it can't be beyond the wit of man...or woman to put something like this together. This would be the full package, numbered in a limited edition sequence. Far better than a selection of covers by inadequate artists. And not even the full album at that rate either...very unfortunate that it clashes with the Diving Board release, this anniversary is set in stone. The Diving Board release date had so many sisterlike twists and turns that it appears it was set in jelly...

Full album on CD 1

All demo's, alternate versions and out takes on CD 2 + CD 3
Best of the best live tracks from over the years on CD 4
EJ & BT Say Goodbye Norma Jean and Other Things remastered on DVD with bonus material of tv appearances, interviews (radio/tv) from 1973.
Copies of the recording sheets that were on the EJ FB page recently
Unseen photos of the recording sessions
Reproductions of press/music magazines reviews of the album
Details of the development of the artwork with contributions from David Larkham, Michael Ross, Ian Beck
New liner notes and/or interview cd/dvd from Elton, Bernie, Davey, Nigel, Ray, Kiki, David Hentschel, Del Newman
Reproduced memorabilia (tickets, backstage passes, press promo material etc.)
Limited edition book for the upper end of the market containing all of the above printed matter and unthought of information


Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding - 1980
Candle in the Wind - 1984
Bennie and the Jets - 1986
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - 1984
This Song Has No Title - 1973
Grey Seal - 2012
I've Seen That Movie Too - 1973
Sweet Painted Lady - 1999
The Ballad of Danny Bailey - 1973
All the Girls Love Alice - 1980
Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting - 1980
Roy Rogers - 2001
Harmony - 2003

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  1. Agree Paul, this is what McCartney just did with the Wings Over America deluxe edition in 2013. The amount of detail that went into the research for WOA was done exquisitely; and I don't think any stone was left un-turned. Toss in a replica of the original tour book too for GBYR. (that's what Mac did as well for WOA). But alas, it doesn't seem like Elton's team has the ability or desire to go the route you recommend. Sigh.